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April 1, 2009

Looking for Artist – $500 contest…

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Deaf Action Center Logo Design Competition – $500 Cash Prize

The Deaf Action Center (DAC) is now embarking on a transformational journey to better connect the communities we serve.  A first step in that journey is the creation of a new logo, one that will better represent our Mission and Vision for the future.  In our desire to find the best possible design, we are reaching out to you, the talent in our communities. Today we are launching a New Logo Design Contest that will give everyone an opportunity to design a refreshing, forward thinking logo for DAC, and possibly win the $500.00 Cash Prize!  Winning logo will be showcased on our DAC website (www.dactexas.org), letterhead, signage, presentation and other promotional materials.  Below, you will find more information about Deaf Action Center, contest details and prize information.  Please read all of the information contained herein, as DAC will not provide any exception to the rule.

This contest is open to ANYONE, excluding members of the Board of Directors and members of the DAC Branding voting committee.

About the Agency

The Deaf Action Center officially incorporated as an agency in 1977 by visionaries, John and Elizabeth Criswell.  DAC was conceived to act as an advocate and service provider, catering to the unique needs of people with hearing loss. Thirty-two years later, Deaf Action Center continues to provide services and implement programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in five North Texas locations, serving eighty-seven counties.  It is our Vision for those with hearing loss and those in our community to have the compassion, tools, and understanding to work and live collaboratively.  The Deaf Action Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

It is the Mission of Deaf Action Center to:  Provide those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing the means to ensure advancement through education, communication, economic security, and good health.

Deaf Action Center offers the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community the following programs and services:

Hard of Hearing Assistance                                             Independent Living Programs
Senior Citizens Center & Programs                                   Information & Referral
Literacy/Education/Mentoring                                          Apartment Housing
Interpreting Services                                                      Community Education                            
Advocacy                                                                      Assistive Technology

Contest Details


The winning design will receive a cash prize of $500.00. Winner/winners will be selected on or before July 10th, 2009



The submitted designs should reflect the Mission/Vision of DAC as noted in the Agency section.Designer should submit a written rationale explaining how the concepts behind his/her design address these goals.

Use of Logo:

The winning logo will be used on DAC Website; DAC official letterhead, print media and plaques.  It is, therefore, important that the logo design not be too colorful or too complex for duplication, copying or reproduction.

Application Form:

Download now (.doc) 
E-mail:  logodesign@deafactioncentertexas.org 
FAX: 214.521.3658  
DAC Logo Design Contest
3115 Crestview Drive
Dallas, Texas 75235


 Conditions of Entry

  • The full terms and conditions of entry are on the entry form.  A signed application form must accompany all entries.  
  • The deadline for entries is Monday, May 18th, 2009
  • Entries must be submitted to:  logodesign@deafactioncentertexas.org
  • Entries must be submitted by e-mail, according to the following requirements (Digital Version is Preferred):

If created by hand:Do not submit any piece of original artwork directly. Please photograph the artwork and email the image as per instructions below. To allow for effective printing it is recommended that the file be at least 200 pixels/inch at Letter size.

If digital:  A high-resolution image file (in jpeg, or any Photoshop-supported file format) can be provided either by email (if file size permits) or on CD or DVD. To allow for effective printing, it is recommended that the file be at least 200 pixels/inch at Letter size.  An Adobe Illustrator file is preferred format; Adobe Photoshop file would be our second choice.  Logo needs to be legible at a very small size… as well as large, and/or blown-up.  

In either case:  If you would prefer to send a lower resolution version in the first instance, please acknowledge that if the entry is successful a higher resolution version will be sought.

  • In addition to color, a black and white version of logo is also requested, if possible.
  • By entering this competition, you agree that your artwork copyright will become the property of The Deaf Action Center and will be adopted as its official logo on all its materials.

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